With millions upon millions of songs out there, it can be a daunting task to figure out what to listen to. Sometimes you just want to sit back, press play and hear something completely new. Starting today, you can do just that with All Access, our new monthly music subscription service in Google Play. All Access gives you an unlimited pass to a huge library of music on all your devices — from all the major record companies, as well as top Australian and independent labels.

All Access lets you create an ad-free, interactive radio station from any song or artist you love. You can add, remove or re-order your station and see what’s coming next. Or you can browse recommendations from our expert music team and explore songs by genre. The “Listen Now” tab puts artists and radio stations we think you’ll like front and centre so you can start listening the minute you open your library.

And when millions of songs just aren’t enough, Google Play Music lets you combine our collection with your own collection. You can store 20,000 songs for free online, and listen to them alongside the All Access catalogue on any Android device, or via the web at play.google.com. You can even ‘pin’ specific albums and playlists so they’re available when you’re offline.

You can try it today for free for the first month and pay only $9.99 each month after that. Regular pricing for those who sign up after August 31 will be $11.99 a month, with a 30-day free trial.

With today’s launch, Google Play moves one step closer to your ultimate digital entertainment destination, where you can find, enjoy and share your favourite apps, games, books, movies, magazines and music on your Android phone or tablet.

Sign up for All Access today, and start discovering a whole new world of music.

Posted by Paul Joyce, Product Manager for Google Play Music