Celebration after celebration, year after year - I’m dreadfully outdone in the gift-giving department. On the other hand, my girlfriend Noy, is a born natural.

Christmas and Easter aren’t too bad, with Father’s and Mother’s Day sitting idly by. Valentine’s Day, however, sets me sulking in the darkest corner of my parent’s garage - there’s no present that is the right gift.

Give me a brick and I can throw it at a wall. Give me my memories and I can create a masterpiece.

For Valentine’s Day I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m taking Noy back to our magical moment - a place only she and I can call ours. We don’t need to fly halfway across the country and she won’t even need to get out of her chair.

Using Build with Chrome I’ve recreated the moment of our first date. At the time I couldn’t bring much to the table but a physical (and immobile) presence. Our first date was in hospital, where I lay nursing a back injury and awaiting for my Noy to come and visit me for the first time. Our next 10 dates were also in hospital - every day - at 4.35PM where Noy would write me a note on my whiteboard to the left of my bed. I’ve written her my own today.

Your special someone is expecting a gift. Take her back to your magical moment, place it on the map and enjoy it with those you love.

Posted by Josh Berg, Building with Chrome this Valentine’s Day