[Guest Blog Post by Kieran Ricketts, ABC News Online]

Last week, ABC News 24 started streaming live on YouTube – a first in Australian news and television broadcasting. The launch means that all Australians can now watch ABC News 24 live from YouTube and can embed the live ABC News 24 stream within their Facebook or Twitter accounts. As a result, it’s now much easier to share live events and breaking news coverage as it happens by putting the live link directly into your status update or tweet.

ABC News 24 can now push out updates from its Facebook and Twitter pages with live video attached - the live video content now accompanies the update that points to it. Visitors to ABC News’ flagship YouTube channel have immediate access to live video alongside highlights from ABC News’ broad range of coverage and programs on demand. Aussies will be able to choose to watch the up-to-date live coverage of ABC News 24 or access video-on-demand highlights to review their favourite news moments from the past, all from the same page.

While this technology is very early in its life (in beta) and the ABC’s engagement with it is also new, we hope that Australians now find it easier to stay in touch with their news as they travel around the country during the summer holidays and beyond. Even if you’re not at your TV, ABC News 24 is only one click away.

Guest post by Kieran Ricketts, ABC News Online