Less than a month ago, we launched our latest Chrome experiment, Build with Chrome, which uses the latest WebGL 3D technology to bring the delight of building LEGO creations together online.

More than one million builders have explored the new world of LEGO creations downunder and published 66,000 builds, demonstrating the possibilities of the web as a creative canvas. These builds are so creative and inspiring we wanted to call out a few from A to Z:

A) All Blacks flag

B) beachfront

C) Canada

D) dog

E) Esher

F) Fort Denison

G) garden

H) helicopter

I) igloo

J) jetty

K) kiwi

L) Loch Ness monster

M) mario

N) nyan cat

O) octopus

P) port

Q) question

R) Rocket

S) space invaders

T) transformer

U) university

V) Vietnam

W) whale

X) x-ray cubes

Y) youw!

Z) zelda

These are all absolutely beautiful and there are thousands and thousands more.

But this extraordinary piece of design and construction takes the cake... a intricate cityscape, posted by a genius builder on Google+. The location is a mystery... but the hunt is on - if you can find the mystery builds, please share with +Google Australia.

And happy building!

Posted by Lucinda Barlow, Head of Marketing, Google Australia & New Zealand