Today, any Australian with a little motivation can create content and upload it for global distribution. For the first time in history, we all have a global broadcast platform at our fingertips: the internet.

The ability to broadcast ourselves, as individuals, was far, far out of reach for most of us for a long time. But today is a very different reality. So have you ever wondered what Aussies are doing, now that the tools of content production and distribution are in their hands? We have. So we got together with others in the digital space to take a look at just that.

Together with ninemsn, Yahoo!7, AIMIA, the Games Developers Association of Australia and the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, we identified some examples of creative Australians producing great content for online distribution. This showreel includes just some of them like video blogger Natalie Tran, Christiaan Van Vuuren (better known to the YouTube audience as “The Fully Sick Rapper”) and like Keith Loutit’s time-lapse work.

Digital platforms are witnessing an incredible growth in the number of talented Australians producing content. Together, they are getting Australian stories out to Aussies and the world.

Posted by Ishtar Vij, Policy Counsel, Google Australia