You might have noticed the talk around privacy this week. It just so happens to have been Privacy Awareness Week.

Privacy Awareness Week 2011 is all about you: what can you do to protect your personal information?

This week we’ve been tweeting some tips about protecting your privacy:
  • The Google Dashboard is where you can change your privacy settings on all Google products from one easy location.
  • You can find more information about protecting your privacy online at Your Online Choices.
  • Check your privacy policy and settings on social networks you use.
  • Have a look at our Privacy Centre, which contains specific info about all of our privacy tools and products.

As par
t of Privacy Awareness Week, the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities are interested in hearing about your experience of privacy and social media. Take part in their survey and tell your story here.

Posted by Ishtar Vij, Public Policy and Government Affairs.