It’s been a busy year for Google display in Australia. In June of this year, we hosted our first major display advertising summit in Australia for 350 local industry leaders. Later that month, we announced a new umbrella for all of our display properties - the Google Display Network - to make our offerings clearer to advertisers and agencies. More recently, we launched a new campaign called “WATCH THIS SPACE” to highlight some of the exciting changes taking place in the display industry today and start a conversation with agencies and marketers.

We’re now proud to be working with Australia’s leading advertisers, agencies, and publishers to improve the way display advertising is bought and sold across the Web. In the past year, 24 of the top 25 Australian advertisers as ranked by Nielsen have run display campaigns with Google. On the other side of the equation, tens of thousands of publishers in Australia use Google’s AdSense technology to place valuable, relevant ads on their websites. The majority of Australia’s largest publishers are using DoubleClick for Publishers, our ad serving platform, to maximise the value of ad space that they’ve sold themselves.

With these early signs of success, we think it’s appropriate to close the year by launching a product we think will improve the display advertising industry for everyone in Australia. Today, we're excited to announce we’re opening the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange in Australia. The Ad Exchange is a real-time marketplace that helps large online publishers on one side, and ad networks and agency trading desks on the other, buy and sell display advertising space.

These sellers and buyers manage and represent large volumes of ads and ad space from lots of advertisers and websites. By bringing them together in an open marketplace in which prices are set in a real-time auction, the Ad Exchange enables display ads and ad space to be allocated much more efficiently. This improves returns for advertisers and enables publishers to get the most value out of their online content.

We introduced the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange in North America and Europe in September 2009:

In the last year, the number of transactions on the Ad Exchange has tripled. Every day, there are more ad calls on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange than there are trades on all the world’s stock exchanges combined. The benefits for advertisers and publishers are very real. For example, the average price a publisher receives for ad space sold through the Ad Exchange is 130% higher than the average price of ad space sold directly to ad networks.

We believe that growing the display advertising pie for everyone will greatly enhance the web experience for advertisers, publishers, and ultimately users. The DoubleClick Ad Exchange will help create a more open marketplace and is a major step towards that vision.

Posted by Matthias Kunze, Director JAPAC Publisher Monetization