In early times, cavemen used to etch out rock carvings to either tell stories or simply because they thought their pictures looked cool and they had a bare wall to fill.

More contemporary media are a little different - film, canvas, paper, fabric - but the intention is (usually) the same, which begs the question, what about the web? Well, wonder no more.

Today, Google is very proud to announce the launch of a global collaboration with almost 70 artists who have created unique, dynamic iGoogle themes for our users. Some of the world's best known painters, musicians, actors, designers, photographers and more participated in this initiative, including Australian names such as Anne Geddes, Akira Isogawa, John Butler, Missy Higgins, Reg Mombassa, Michael Leunig, Rolf Harris, Ken Done and even The Wiggles.

You'll be able to find their art along with global "up and comers" such as Jackie Chan, the Beastie Boys, Dolce and Gabbana, Jeff Koons, Coldplay Oscar de la Renta and Philippe Starck.

As you may know, iGoogle has always provided you with great tools to access and arrange the content you want on your homepage. Just like a person's book or music collection is an extension of their personality, a user's iGoogle page is also a reflection of their loves and interests, both in terms of content, and now, visually. Please, spend some time and stroll through our gallery of world class art, all from the comfort of your seat and help us celebrate the web as the newest form of artistic medium.