We're excited this week to be launching 'Doodle 4 Google My Australia', which offers Australian school students the chance to have their artwork viewed by millions of people online.

As you may know, we periodically publish a quirkily decorated Google home page logo to celebrate the birthday of someone famous or to mark a significant historical anniversary or day such as Australia Day. These doodles have almost always been designed for Google.com.au by our original doodler, Dennis Hwang. Until now. Because now we're looking for the doodle that best represents Australia and what it means to be Australian.

We're inviting all Australian schools to participate in the initiative, open to students from Years 1 to 10. An expert panel, including leading educational expert Michael Grose and art and culture expert, Dare Jennings, who cofounded Mambo Surfwear, will pick finalists from each state and territory. We'll then display the top 32 doodles online and invite the Australian public to vote for their favourites later in the year.

Finalists will win prizes for themselves and their schools, including an interactive whiteboard for the national Year Group winners' schools and $10,000 of technology related equipment for the overall winner's school. The winning design will take pride of place on the Google Australia home page on Australia Day 2008.

All the details of the initiative can be found here, including the information pack that has been sent to every school in Australia. Check with your local school to see if they're taking part (we're thrilled that there's been a huge response already!) and let them know they can register online. We're looking forward to seeing young Australians' most creative doodles.