At work, we never stop collaborating within our own team and across teams internationally. This is where Google Docs & Spreadsheets are highly valuable. We use a shared document to update information as it evolves. People across the office, and the world, can be updating the same document at the same time, and even chat to each other in the document's discussion window while doing so.

At home, I have an old, but well loved Mac. At work, I use a Windows based laptop. My husband has a new Mac. Rather than transferring files between machines, I use Google Docs & Spreadsheets to create and store my documents online. That way, I can work on these documents no matter what machine I'm using, and share them with my husband as well.

We're expecting our first baby soon, and have been doing a lot of research online to figure out what we need and where to get it from. I created a document to keep track of different types of prams, baby monitors and the like. Instead of sending files back and forth as we edit them, we just share this document and add to it whenever we feel like it. Let's face it, if there's a time where we need our lives to be simplified and organised, this is it.

And like other Google products, Docs & Spreadsheets is of course free!

Now when you sign in to Docs & Spreadsheets, you'll see a brand new interface that lets you create personal folders, and drag your online documents and spreadsheets into them. On the left-hand side, you'll see a list of all the people you are collaborating with; click on any name to see all the files you're working on with them.

To read more about this great new interface, head over to the Docs & Spreadsheets blog. Available now in Australia of course!