At Google, we love dogs. So much so that we have a policy regarding acceptable dog behaviour in certain Google offices. (It works on a one “incident” and you’re going home basis). Not only do Googlers love dogs, it seems that Australians in general adore their canine friends. As shown by Google Trends, Aussies do more searches for dogs than any other country.

It was with much tail wagging and drooling that a team of Googlers represented Google Australia at the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk on May 20 at the Sydney Olympic Park.

Our team consisted of several tiny fluff balls that made up in pure cuteness what they lacked in stamina. Some puppy carrying was necessary over the 3km walk – when your legs are only 10cm long, you need a hand keeping up with the pack from time to time.

It was great to see many thousands of dog owners out in force with their beloved pooches (plus the odd chilled-out cat and ferret). Some dogs came in fancy dress, some in strollers. They were all beside themselves with excitement, including the X-Rhodesian Ridgeback (pictured with a Googler) that decided to join our group and wallow in affection. Despite its owner’s continuous pleas for it to “come” and “sit”, it decided to “roll over” and “present the belly” instead. Such obedience was heart-warming to behold. That dog sure knew a group of dog-loving suckers when it saw one.

So let’s hear it for all the dogs out there. Scruffy, funny-looking, miniature and bear-like, we love them all.