When you’re looking for the hottest topics on the web, Google Trends helps you navigate the top search queries. From today, you can now browse topics that are spiking in popularity in Australia - giving you a fascinating peek into the daily Zeitgeist of “what’s hot” in Australia everyday.

When you visit Google Trends you'll find trending topics going back for the past few days. Some topics reach near global hotness, such as the Oscars or the Harlem Shake, but most are more regional. Over the last few days in Australia, we’ve seen the Clipsal 500, the Future Music Festival and JB HiFi spike and make our hot searches list.

Google Trends works algorithmically to analyze search data and identify topics that are spiking in popularity. The technology clusters queries together so that, for example, searches for [daytona 500] are automatically grouped with [nascar]. We look for popular topics that are spiking dramatically compared with the past.

Beyond the "hot searches" feature, you can always type in any search terms to see interesting trends down to a specific week in a specific city, anywhere in the world. You'll find some things that are interesting, some serious and some fun. Have you found something amazing or see a way to make things better? We'd love to hear from you. Click "Send Feedback" at the bottom of any Trends page.

Happy trend spotting!

Posted by Tzvika Hartman, Software Engineer