While 45-degree temperatures may have deterred some New South Welshmen from going for a lunchtime run today, Google trends shows that Australian searches for ‘gym’ are higher than ever before in 2013. The graph below shows how searches spiked after January 1 as Australian’s turned to fulfil their New Year’s resolution to get buff.

Searches for the ‘gym’ over the last 4 years

‘Weight loss’ searches fell to its lowest point of 2012 in the week leading up to Christmas and then more than doubled in the first two weeks of January 2013 - and, continue to peak every Sunday .

Searches for ‘weight loss’ over the last 3 months

Searches on how to 'Quit Smoking' have also more than doubled in the first week of January compared to Christmas, but have lost momentum in the second week.
Searches for ‘quit smoking’ over the last 3 months

Dating also peaked in the first week of 2013, with many Australians turning to Google to find loved ones right from January 1! Interestingly, 'online dating' and 'hangover' seem to have a pretty strong correlation...
Searches for ‘online dating’ and ‘hangover’ over the last 30 days

Following up on our Zeitgeist review of 2012, we also invited Australians to submit their New Years resolutions for 2013. Some of the resolutions included "health, wealth and love", "spend less, save more" and "to be the best in the grade".

Check out Google Trends (http://www.google.com.au/trends/) to see if your New Year’s aspirations are also shared by people from all over Australia looking to make a change in 2013.

Posted by Shane Treeves, Communications and Public Affairs, Google Australia and New Zealand