As of this week, you can visit now Taronga Zoo and Luna Park... without even leaving your house.

We’ve used our Street View technology to bring you new 360-degree imagery of the animals, attractions and surrounds of Taronga Zoo and Luna Park in Google Maps. This imagery covers almost everywhere in Taronga Zoo (as long as it’s wheelchair accessible) - including chimpanzees, giraffes and mountain goats. We also released new imagery of Luna Park that includes a walk down the central boulevard of Luna Park featuring the ferris wheel, merry-go-round, big top and Coney Island.

Giraffes from Taronga Zoo in front of the city

Luna Park's Ferris Wheel in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

And, just in case you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland this Christmas, from today you can now check out fresh new imagery from the Arctic! To get a sense of what it’s like to live up in the north, you can walk down Omingmak Street, make your way the bridge (where locals fish for Arctic Char) and head out to the Old Stone Church. Check out some Arctic souvenirs in the Arctic Closet, or visit the Ice Hockey and Curling Arena.

Google Maps goes to the Arctic community of Cambridge Bay

Over the last few years, the Street View team has gotten creative about how they collect cool imagery in difficult to reach places. We’ve used trikes (Stonehenge, The Amazon), trolleys (museums and galleries, NASA), snowmobiles (Whistler), the backpack Trekker (Grand Canyon coming soon), and underwater cameras (Great Barrier Reef) to capture some of the world’s most remote scenery — as well as wonders closer to home.

National Gallery of Australia in Canberra

So...what’s next? Now with
Photosphere, users from anywhere on the globe can take their own 360-degree panoramas and upload them directly to Google Maps to share them with other people all around the world.

So bring out the Captain Cook within you and jump on Street View to explore your world.

Posted by Nabil Naghdy, Product Manager of Google Maps, Australia and New Zealand