When it comes to mobile, your customers are moving faster than you know: according to our research, 60% of Australians expect the websites they visit on their phones to be as easy to navigate and access as on a desktop PC. That’s why last month, we launched the GoMoMeter, which helps you figure out whether or not your business is prepared for the mobile revolution by showing you what your website looks like on mobile. Now, we’re adding even more resources to help you go mobile (or “Go Mo,” as we like to say).

For starters, we’ve added a list of best practices for mobile sites, as well as research data to help you understand consumer behaviour on mobile devices. You can also download an advertiser guidebook with extensive tools and resources that can help your business to Go Mobile. Finally, we’ve added list of Aussie web developers who can help you take your site mobile.

So if you are ready to Go Mo, head to howtogomo.com/au and get started!

Posted by Soyeon Kim, Mobile Product Marketing Manager.